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Cooking Turnips Recipe

cooking turnips recipe

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Birdy Stew

Birdy Stew

Okay, not really. Just Navy and Pinto beans cooking for the big batch of Parrot Mash I was making. :]

For the grain part I added in quinoa, barley and brown rice and flax seed.

For the veggie part I added in carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, peas, sugar snap peas, corn, a turnip, kale, and also yams. :]



I don't know that I'd ever cooked w/ turnips before. This was a nice recipe for a Sunday afternoon since you start the meat braising, then add all the veg near the end, so I could prep all the potatoes, carrots, and turnips while the meat cooked.

(photo by JCV)

cooking turnips recipe

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