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Cooking Mama Play Game

cooking mama play game

    play game
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124. Start a bakery

124. Start a bakery

Woke up pretty early this morning.
We went to Djs, it was raining and cold and it kinda blew lol. I walked into his house with my shoes on and I thought he was gonna kill me lol but he didnt, obviously. I got to see all 8 pit puppies and the mama. Gosh I want a doggie! He took us to the strip mall, thankfully cause the rain was really coming down. Went to IGA and got stuff for brownies and frosting. And sent off Sir Waffles birthday present :) Itll be there in a few days.
Ryan came over for a few hours :) We walked to the store, twice actually lol his coat is quite warm. He played with the kids a bit. I love how much they love him, especially Adrian. The other day he goes around the room pointing at everyone saying Horsey my friend, April my friend, Shyanne my friend, Kiara my friend, Mommy my friend. and then looks at me and says Ryan my friend. he must really adore him cause he wasnt even there to point at and he really hasnt been around him too much lately. I thought it was so sweet. Knock on wood *knock knock* but if something were to happen and I lost Ryan I think Monster would be just as heart broken as me *knock knock* we'd have to set up visitation lol. We ended up like wrestling! He gets far too much joy out of tickling me! We went from the stairs to the floor, then the couch to the floor and all over the floor lol it was fun but hes a lot stronger than me so I stand zero chance of winning but Im ok with that :) When he left it was still raining but it was pretty out, a nice blue gray colored sky. I hate letting him go but he had to go be a nerd lol. Hopefully Ill get to see him tomorrow, i miss him already lol I know Im head over heels but what can I say.
Shortly after he left I started baking. I made brownies from scratch with walnuts and homemade nutella frosting that I cant put on it cause it cracked :/ practice makes perfect lol. But we can just cut a piece and frost it ourselves lol. Ill let you know how they turned out tomorrow, its only 10:30 but I wanna get this out of the way.
Just chillin now. Watching the Nanny. I wanna play video games. Im thinking about buying a ps3 but I shouldnt. Im hungray. But I dont wanna cook.

Sticky note. If you read yesterdays u know Rachael, April, and I wanna open a bakery so its practice practice practice time :) Its been a dream of mine for a while now. Baking just makes me feel good, I love it.

Dani's Cafe

Dani's Cafe

Update: Incorporated some holiday decors. Will upload soon!

For about a month now, I've been playing this addicting FB game. I have cooking mama for Wii but hubby keeps packing our console so it's really an effort to set it up again. While this one is easy peasy, just login and play.

cooking mama play game

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